The Stefán Elí podcast features conversations between musician, philosopher and artist Stefán Elí and guests from all corners of life. The topics range from creativity, art, health, psychedelics, spirituality and more.

Episode #005 - Stefán Elí

On this episode I explore topics such as my life here in Mexico, what I think of the current global situation, the nature of time and the workings of the universe. I get into some strange physics along with sharing my thoughts regarding why we are here and how we can experience more joy and wonder in life. Your questions served as a guiding light and I tried to answer as many of them as I could. Thank you for all the love and support and for taking the time to listen to my podcast.

Episode #004 - Stefán Elí

I surprised myself with this one! On this episode I went solo and talked about my experience fasting in solitude in the middle of an Icelandic blizzard, what going off social media for a month taught me and I answered some wonderful questions from you guys. 

ps. I accidentally told some old dating stories   

Episode #003 - Ivan Mendez

In this episode me and Ivan dive deep into the concept of letting go. We discuss how we've utilized the method of cultivating awareness of our own thoughts and emotions in order to surrender them over to the divine, which ultimately leads to great healing. We got into the inherent beauty of the universe and how choosing to not be a victim of life but rather a conscious creator brings tremendous joy and fulfillment.  

Episode #002 - Vilhjálmur "Villi" Bragason

On this episode I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with the multi-talented artist, musician, poet, comedian, playwright and actor Villi (Vilhjálmur B. Bragason). We dove deep into the concept behind his upcoming play which is about growing up to become an adult and realizing that it's not what you had imagined it to be. We spoke about how vulnerably sharing your truth can lead to great healing and how detaching yourself from your ideas and beliefs will open your eyes to grander possibilities and joy. We also got into the power of art both on the individual as on the collective level and how expressing creativity can connect us in profound ways.

Episode #001 - Ivan Mendez

On this episode I got the chance to sit down with my dear friend and soul brother Ivan Mendez. We got deep into his personal journey of growth and how spending time in India, South America and Thailand shaped him and led him back to creating music. Ivan took us though his transformation from being a bodybuilder and hair dresser to now being a musician, medicine man , cacao practitioner and lover of life. We spoke of the two polar forces which sustain our reality and pondered the difference between acting out of love or fear. 

Episode #007 - Oliver

On this episode me and my soul brother Oliver dive in deep to explore how one may use the power of intension and directed awareness in order to create a life filled with joy, creativity, abundance and love. Oliver speaks on how he used these powerful techniques to overcome illness and attract to him the life of his dreams. We explore the power our words and thoughts, how they impact our lives and the role they play in constructing our reality. The intension behind us creating this podcast is to share love and light to all those it may touch.

Episode #006 - Stefán Elí

On this episode I share my recent encounter with the magnificent spirit of Ayahuasca. We journeyed into the Mexican jungle and spent the whole night drinking medicine in a ceremony lead by a beautiful shaman from Brazil. Ayahuasca took me on a deep and profound journey into myself and the universe at large. She showed me the most  beautiful art and the deepest wisdom, taking me into dimensions that cannot be described with words. This was one of the most powerful experiences of my life and in this podcast I try my best to describe my visions, thoughts and experiences of the ceremony.