A serious message

I have a serious message for you all


What if we stopped taking everything so seriously? Don’t you think we would live a happier more joyful life if we didn’t place so much importance on every decision, act, and moment in our life and rather surrendered to the inherently playful nature of our existence? The main cause for our worrying is the fact that we take ourselves and the world so seriously. The truth is that most of our worries do not serve us in anyway and in fact do the opposite.


In my experience it is important to have focus and determination to make your dreams come true and to reach your goals but the joy and wonder of life in found in the childlike play. When we take something seriously what we are really saying is that the outcome is of great importance to us, but when we truly play our enjoyment is not dependent on the outcome.


So I encourage you to play a bit more and stop taking your self so seriously! It’s all a great big game so why waste our time chasing the never arriving happiness of tomorrow when we can find our joy in the eternal moment of now.


Love you my friends

Stefano Elia

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