Life is a mirror

I’m sure we’ve all had the experience of disliking traits in another person. It might be the way they think, look or express themselves. In a situation like this most of us put all the blame on the other person and think there must be something “wrong” with them and how they do things because surely we always know what's right.


But what if we change perspective and see the other person as a reflection of ourselves. Then we can ask “where can I find this person inside of me?” Maybe the reason why the homophobe dislikes the gay is because he is resisting his inner queer. Maybe the reason your dad gets on your nerves is because you see how you act just like him. Maybe the reason why the business person despises the artist and thinks he should “go get a real job” is because the business person is repressing his inner creator.


People will always be different from you and they will think, talk and act in contrasting ways, we won’t change that. But when we catch ourselves disliking the actions of another let’s not focus on them but rather look in the mirror and see where there lies resistance inside ourselves and when we look at it we can let it go. Let’s embrace the diversity and love all people no matter who or what they are. Everyone is on their own journey of growth and it is not our right to judge a person for where they are at or try to change them. We have the power to grow ourselves and the best we can do for other people is to lead by example and let them make their choice.


Blessings and hugs to you

Stefán Elí

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