You can either be at the mercy of life or you can choose to be a conscious creator and active participant in life. When we believe ourselves to be victims of life everything happens TO US but when we are victors in life things will happen FOR US and in that everything becomes an opportunity.


When we put on the glasses of opportunity suddenly we see clearly that both the “good” and “bad” present us with a chance to learn and a chance to grow. We see that the greatest blessing can arrive into our lives in the disguise of a curse. Maybe that feeling of sadness you experience is an opportunity to get to know your own inner landscape. Maybe that trauma you want through in your childhood is an opportunity to help kids that are going through the same. Maybe the darkness surrounding you is the perfect opportunity to shine your light.


This is a beautiful way of existing which brings much joy and peace but we all sometimes forget this and this can often be hard. That is also alright because sooner or later we will come to our senses and then we can see that even in those moments of forgetfulness there lies a hidden treasure. That treasure is your ability to share your low points and look back on the lesson they served you. There are always people struggling and knowing you're not alone can be the catalyst for great change.


So let’s share both our ups and our downs and see that they have the potential to make an enormous impact on the world and the people around us. Now is the time to connect through vulnerability and truth. The opportunity lies here and now.


Great blessings and big kiss

Stefán Elí

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